TAF Wellness Center for Weight Loss

Grounded in the belief that ‘everyone is beautiful’, TAF is a holistic wellness centre and weight loss clinic in Delhi. TAF makes you simply the best that you can be…glowing, healthy and complete. Our mind and body experts will provide skilled care to help you become the best version of yourself. Experience the tranquillity and healing of our Patron Sheesham tree.

TAF Wellness Center is a destination for holistic transformation rather than just a venue to do your exercise. TAF adopts a comprehensive and tailored methodology for weight loss, avoiding drastic alterations or starvation tactics.

Revolutionary technology

The Revolutionary TAF technology reverses your FAT and peels away the layers of toxic build-up which paves your way to a lighter, younger & more energetic you….We work with diverse people with varied goals, whether it’s weight loss for health reasons or body shaping for vanity.

We simply integrate our systems and treatments into your preferred pace of lifestyle. Our individually tailored treatment packages detect imbalances and rebalance your body and mind, ensuring your gentle but sure steps towards a healthy, stress – free and vibrant self. Our ethical approach, scientific programs and assured results makes us the best weight loss center in Delhi.


How TAF Wellness Center can help you?

TAF Wellness is one of its own kind of weight loss center in South Delhi which bridges the gap between the need of weight reduction and body shaping to it’s achievement. TAF understands that each body is unique, hence needs specific programming for best results. As one of the best weight loss clinics in Delhi, TAF Wellness has scientifically designed programmes for weight management suitable to the needs of various health and lifestyle conditions.

Our Inhouse TAF Chef Service nourishes you with a variety of gourmet and low cal cuisine options which will delight, inspire and detox while making it deliciously simple to maintain your new found fitness levels. Our emphasis is to propagate ideas of healthy eating, delivering the right nutrients to the body to allow it to function at its optimum level.

We can help you achieve sustainable weight loss with our safe and effective reverse fat programs and a contoured body and face with our state-of-the-art technology. The entire TAF experience not only ensures weight-loss and stress-loss but also a happy life and a shift to a complete wellness for body and mind.

Enter the beautiful world of TAF at the Sheesham Courtyard, where you are the only focus, and let the magic begin.


Losing weight and wanting to look your best is the highest form of self-love that I feel the most passionate about. With a Nutrition science background and over 18 years of professional experience in weight loss and Wellness, I conceptulized TAF – A mission to reverse FAT. I strongly feel that weight loss is technical – simply because it should be FAT LOSS and not just loss of muscle, water and energy reserves and the quest of losing weight should not end into a fatigued body and mind.

FAT LOSS needs programming – Not just will power, that’s what me and my team does for you at TAF – Scientific, integrated and result oriented programming for Fat loss and body contouring. Driven by passion and aspiring to be the pioneer in the field, I have developed holistic solutions with a right mix of balanced Nutrition, Effective Metabolic Boost Workout and safe/customised Fat loss and body contouring treatments saying NO to FAD Diets and Strenuous workouts.

It’s a journey of bringing out the best in you supported by constant guidance, motivation and hand holding by me and my team. Every time you reach a step closer to your Best version it makes me feel fulfilled towards my purpose in life. Wishing everyone their best version…



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    Now go for your important engagements after a session at TAF! TAF features exclusive wet areas for men and women offering facilities like dressing area, steam and showers. You can complete your look with a wash and blow dry!


    Forget boring and bland diet food! TAF provides optimum calorie and nutrition with TAF CHEF’s customized ready to eat meals.
    Get yourself addicted to Gourmet, Wholesome, and Healthy meals with TAF CHEF.



    Don’t miss-out on your important conference calls while you are at TAF! TAF provides Wi-Fi enabled work station for attending all your audio/video communication and makes life easier for you.



    Sheesham Courtyard,
    28 Saidulajab, MB Road,
    110030 New Delhi, India