Forget boring and bland diet food, TAF CHEF provides you optimum calorie and nutrition with customized ready to eat meals.

Eating is very habitual and our eating patterns become a ritual. This is why many of our poor food choices aren’t so much of a choice, but a ritual due to limitations of time, logistics and taste. Now break free from such rituals as you can always make right choices with TAF CHEF.

At TAF CHEF, our endeavor is to maximize both nutrition and taste. You will be surprised at how great our meals taste, considering they are high on nutrition and controlled on calories. That’s the skill of our chefs; they simmer, saute, grill and add their own little bit of cooking magic to every meal. We buy high quality freshest ingredients, innovate recipes, use healthy fats (cold pressed oils) and bring you the delicious healthy meals.

For successful calorie control, you have to know and check the portion size before you eat. TAF CHEF meals are calorie and portion controlled taking away the pain of counting calories for you.

Feeling deprived can make you really binge eat.
Every time you reach for some comfort food, you fall off the healthy regime wagon.

TAF CHEF takes care of your cravings by providing Healthy Comfort Foods made with wholesome ingredients and natural sweeteners. We offer Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and High protein options in every day menu. TAF CHEF is a perfect way for you to stay on top of your nutrition program and calorie budget to lose fat and reverse it permanently.