TAF Reverse Your Fat

We don’t offer run of the mill weight loss programs where you lose muscle, water and gain it back in no time when you leave the program. Rather in our program we focus on Fat loss through a well researched, scientifically designed and integrated program which changes the way your body functions and brings out the best in you. Reverse FAT program comprises of four elements:

TAF Love Your Shape

Being in great shape gives great confidence in whatever walks of life. A contoured body and face defines being in great shape. Trained and qualified team of TAF is committed to help you achieve THE BEST VERSION OF YOU. To help you achieve this, TAF uses state-of-the-art advanced technologies that are safe, non-invasive globally used and FDA (US) approved.

TAF Rejuvenate

Getting you freedom from stress and bringing your mind to a tranquil state is the goal of TAF rejuvenate program. Busy lifestyle, crazy deadlines & work pressures all manifest into stress.When under prolonged period of constant stress, your body gets into hormonal imbalance due to stress on the endocrine system, releasing high levels of cortisol to deal with the situation. Release of sustained levels of cortisol can cause high B.P, diabetes, insomnia, obesity, and weakened immune system.

TAF Fit For Life

With your fat reversed its time to join TAF FIT FOR LIFE. Under this program you are guided to appropriate workout/ fitness plan based on your body composition analysis. An overall assessment is done quarterly to take necessary measures to correct and fine tune your FIT FOR LIFE needs.