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TAF Wellness has selected the best technology available worldwide for Holistic Wellness, Laser, Weight Loss, Slimming, Skin Care, Cosmetic Dermatology, Hair Care, Type 2 Diabetes & Various Illness Recovery. Equipment’s with higher technical specifications for niche and specialized treatment suitable for the Indian skin, have been procured several of them probably for the first time in India.

Stretching the use of technology has its negative effects – both in the short and long term. At TAF Wellness we avoid it by having a large selection of dedicated equipment for personalized and customized treatments.

TAF Wellness has a very large spectrum of technologies and the treatments are personalized to your Body,skin and beauty needs. Results, however, vary from person to person depending on factors, such as; Body type,Body composition, Hereditary factors, Genetics,skin type, skin sensitivity, complexion and follow up of treatment and precautions taken before and after treatment.

At TAF Wellness, we respect our client’s need for privacy. Visitors to our website are required to accept the following terms and conditions in return for the information given about us, our business and the services we provide.

We do not accept any liability in connection with any third party websites which may be linked or accessible through our own website and we do not endorse or approve the contents of any such site. The information on these web pages has been prepared with reasonable care and is believed by us to be legal, honest, decent and truthful on of the date of its drafting.

All our employees are bound by the client confidentiality agreement and your visit to the TAF Wellness will be treated with strict confidence.